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Canosa is a 2-player abstract strategy game that is easy to learn and teach. In this game you are playing as Sirens trying to capture shipwrecked sailors. Using rings acting as your voice, you influence the sailors and move them towards your island on the board to score them. The first player with 4 captured sailors wins the game. 

The Lore of Canosa:

Game board shown on box along with internal component box storage with lid

On a Player's turn you must take two actions. You many repeat the same action twice. 

The four possible player actions consist of the following: 

  • Move a Siren  
Move the siren to any adjacent space

  • Transfer a ring from a Siren to a sailor
Transferring a ring from a Siren to an opponent's sailor
  •  Move a Sailor that you control 
Moving a sailor you control to an orthogonal adjacent space towards your 'island' space.
  •  Withdraw a ring from a Sailor to a Siren 
Removing a ring from a sailor and transferring back to your Siren

Siren vs Siren

  • A Siren can attack another Siren by moving onto the space they occupy. This can only occur if the attacking Siren has more rings then the defending Siren. With a successful attack, the defeated Siren is pushed to any unoccupied adjacent space surrounding the attacking Siren.
The gold Siren can push the silver Siren to an adjacent space because it has more rings.


  • Players score by moving a Sailor onto the island corner space that matches its' top ring color.
  • Once the Sailor reaches the island, they are immediately removed from the board. The rings are then distributed back to the Sirens.
Scoring a sailor by taking two action to move to the 'island' space. The ring then comes off the sailor that scores and goes back to your Siren (if space allows with a max ring count of 3).


  • The game ends immediately when the first player successfully scores 4 sailors from the board


To view the kickstarter edition rule set, you can find it here. The final artwork and layout will be completed after the campaign. 

Each game is custom made at a local wood working facility in Royersford, Pennsylvania. Three Gryphons Carving Studio takes pride in their craftsmanship and each game certainly reflects their artisan work.  

There are multiple steps involved in creating this game. The first step is to cut out the sailor and Siren pieces on the lathe. This process is called "turning". Starting with a square stock of wood, the pieces are shaped and final sanded two at time.   

Observing the turning process of the sailor components on the lathe
Sailor pieces being sanded on the lathe

The box base and sidewalls are cut out and dry fit prior to the glue up phase. The internal box that holds the game components is test fitted inside as well. The splines in the corners are cut in. These give strength to the overall box construction and also provides a great aesthetic.   

Box Assembly Fitment

The side of the box is then put into the CNC machine to the receive the game name and company logo engraving.  

Game and company logo's engraved on the CNC machine

The box sides have glue applied and are clamped together until they are dry. The inside of the box and components box receive their first coat of stain.  

Box being glued up and the internal components receiving first coat of stain

The game board receives black stain to the dividing lines and the game board receives the blue stain. The corner "island" spaces as well as the small circular starting spaces for the sailors get a gold and silver leaf treatment to them.   

The Sirens and rings receive their signature gold and silver paint.  

The outside of the box lid receives its engraving on the CNC machine as well and the final staining and protective sealant are applied to the pieces and box components.  

Outside box engraving

 Below is a list of the materials and finishes that are used in this project. 

To get in contact with Three Gryphons Carving Studio for a future project, you can reach them on their website here

Canosa has been in development for over a year and a half. It has come a long way during this period of time and we have countless hours of playtesting that have gone into the game. We wanted to thank each and every playtester that took their time to play Canosa and offer great feedback. We couldn't have done it without you. 

Earlier prototypes and playtests of Canosa
PAX Unplugged playtesting

One Day West Games is a board game design & publishing company run by brothers, Bob & Ryan Craig. They aim to deliver high quality, family friendly games that blend strategy and a dash of chance. 

Canosa will be their third game released. Previous games, Monster Highway and Sheep-Boom-Bah were successfully funded on Kickstarter.  

To learn more about them, visit their company website here.

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